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"Angel Fly" comes from a very special place in Mike's heart and it's a ballad that's dedicated to the memory of all the loved ones who are no longer with us.

Everyone has lost a person or many people who were near and dear to their heart and "Angel Fly" is a song to help those mourning such a tremendous loss to find some sort of closure.  It's a comforting song unlike anything Mike had ever done before but it was something that he felt passionate about and really wanted to include the song on his "Texas in the Man" album.

"Death is a part of life," Mike says, "and we have to accept the fact that one day we're all going to lose someone who we've held so closely and loved so dearly.  And one day, we'll be the one moving into the afterlife leaving those who love us here to carry on.  'Angel Fly' was written from the perspective that life doesn't end here.  It's gospel roots ensure that the listener understands that that lost loved one is still around, still checking up on us but most importantly we'll all be reunited when our own races have been run."

Mike wrote this song for the people in his own life who've gone on before him.
His grandfathers - George Washington Parrish (1981) & Loyd Ard (1990)
His grandmothers - Faye Richards Parrish (1978) & Leavie Smart Ard (1998)
His aunt - Alice Courtney Ard (2005)
His father - M.C. Parrish (1979)
and his son Michael Shawn Parrish (1999)
as well as a host of other relatives and very close friends

This song is meaningful, powerful and compelling with fantastic lyrics, vocals, instrumentals and even a choir.   

Lead Vocals: Mike Parrish
Background Vocals: Mike Parrish, Krystal Parrish
Desiree' Singleton & Sammy Hundley
Acoustic Guitar & Keyboards: Sammy Hundley
Bass Guitar & Electric Lead Guitar; Sammy Hundley
Drums: Alan Dossett
Mixed & Mastered by Kyle W. Smith

©2007 Willow Street Entertainment Group L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.

Mike Parrish
Mike Parrish (ASCAP)
Angel Fly
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