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To date, "Buffett Time" is the only "Tropitex" song that Mike has ever written and it has the feel of island fun with all the attitude of a "Texas born bonafide hell-raiser."

Needless to say, Mike is a huge fan of Jimmy Buffett and proud to call himself a parrothead.  This song didn't start out the way it ended up, when it was first written in 1986, and was actually titled "Better Off Alone."  It wasn't until Mike and Sammy were laying the demo track when a new idea came to light.  While the guys were busy recording the music, Mike began scribbling on a notepad rewriting the chorus.  "Better Off Alone" had a chorus that went, "I'm a Texas born bonafide hellraiser and I do as I please.  I don't hang around nobody too long if they're gonna' talk down on me.  I'm a man of means and I've got a book of ways that are all my own.  And if you don't like my ways my friend well I'm better off alone."

Mike immediately showed his new chorus idea to Sammy and the two of them set out changing the overall feel of the tune to fit the new chorus which went like this, "I'm a Texas born bonafide hellraiser and I do as I please.  I'm gonna' lay around 'til the sun goes down in this warm southern breeze.  Hey if ya' wanna, pass me a Corona, I got the salt and lime.  Got nowhere else I'd rather be, I'm just livin' on Buffett time."

Mike changed the first line of the first verse to reflect one of his most favorite Southeast Texas hangouts and he sings, "Well I know a lotta' people just like me who love to gather 'round on Crystal Beach and we'll do damn well as we please."  Crystal Beach has always been an inspiration for Mike.  It's where the demo track to "Runnin' Outa' Time" was laid as well as the demo for "End of Forever" which will be recorded on Mike's album "Urban Heaven" to be released in 2008.  Grab a Corona, salt and lime, turn it up and have a good time!

For all those people who have their very own personality and want to live their life their way, this is definitely the song for you. 

Lead Vocals: Mike Parrish
Background Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Rhythm, Bass Guitar, Electric Rhythm & Lead Guitars are all performed by; Sammy Hundley
Drums: Alan Dossett
Percussion: Kyle W. Smith
Mixed & Mastered by Kyle W. Smith

©2007 Willow Street Entertainment Group L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.
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Buffett Time
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