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The lyric is accomplished and there is a nice story behind them. There's good emotion through the song and the musical ideas show clear technique for writing. The title is a wonderful choice. The composition is thought out through every detail. Very good job! It is a pleasure listening to this composition. The listener feels familiar with it since its beginning. The chorus is impressive and involving. Great job! I cannot but praise the originality of the songwriting and the good taste about the overall arrangement and performances. Traditional yet with a unique style that represents strong songwriting talent.

This song quickly became Sammy Hundley's favorite song from all the tunes listed on the "Texas in the Man" album.  Very smooth from the very beginning, great guitar work, great harmonies, loaded with a southwest Texas Country feel.

"I'll Still Be Your Man" delivers everything that country girls and boys look for in a Texas-style country song including a great two-step beat.  It's a song about love and loyalty, forgiveness, trust, life and that's evident with the lines, "Point the wagon west and ride away with me.  We'll cross the Texas Plains, the mountains and the sea.  And when we've been around the world and back again.  You'll still be my woman and I'll still be your man."

This song made several changes from the time of its conception.  Actually, Mike was the only one who liked it when he first performed it for his family and friends but the magic came when the recording began.  One part of the chorus said, "Rock me gently girl, rock me slow.  Fan the fire, don't let go.  It's you and me babe and a painted sky.  Never again will I make you cry."  Well, when Sammy heard the chorus he heard a whole other thing going on and Mike listened to Sammy's instinctive suggestion.  As far as the lyric goes, the word "girl" was the only word that was removed and Sammy sung the melody that he felt to Mike.  Needless to say, that subtle lyric change and the new melody for the chorus was exactly what was missing.  Mike and Sammy both believe that old saying, "It's all about the music," from the very center of their hearts.  It's not about who wrote the song, it's not about who sung it or even who played the instruments.  It's all about the music, just like the saying goes.  Some artists would want to stick to their guns and sacrifice the purest form of the art merely to be able to say that a particular piece of music was all theirs and it was created all by themselves.  Not Mike.  Not Sammy.  The music belongs to everybody and music is only important when it's heard.  If a "so-so" song gets out on an album, it soon becomes known as a "filler," just something to add to the album so there's a couple more tracks.  Mike and Sammy strive to make every song a memorable song with no fillers.  It didn't hurt Mike's feelings one little bit to make the needed changes in this song and he is very happy to share the credit for this song with Sammy.  The two of them are thrilled to be able to share it with all of you.  They sincerely hope you love "I'll Still Be Your Man" just as they do.

Lead Vocals: Mike Parrish
Background Vocals: Sammy Hundley
Bass, Acoustic Rhythm, Acoustic Lead, Electric Rhythm & Lead; Sammy Hundley
Drums: Alan Dossett
Mixed & Mastered by Kyle W. Smith

©2007 Willow Street Entertainment Group L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.
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