Mike Parrish & Six Gun - TEXAS IN THE MAN

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"A powerful, unique and compelling song that comes from deep within.  This is a worthy composition.  Solid melodies with a powerful arrangement compliment the emotional storytelling.  The textured sounds and reflective lyrics lend well to the listener's sensitivities.  The musical experience is powerful - voice, musical arrangement and passionate delivery by all involved.  The words flow with the melody in the chorus.  The timing is perfect on the notes and the energy you share is sweet and tender.  Empowering."

"Never Say Die" begins with the story of a waitress who feels that her entire life is passing by and none of her dreams have come true.  It ends with the story of a man swinging a hammer in the midday sun, trying to find a way to make a better life for his wife and son at home.

The message is simple - don't ever give up on your dreams.

The words from the chorus of "Never Say Die" were chosen to be placed just inside of the "Texas in the Man" album cover because the words are very important to Mike.  "Don't let nobody tell you this can't be done.  Don't let nobody make you walk when you wanna' run.  Don't let nobody change your direction, stay the course and keep the faith.  Don't let nobody get satisfaction from watchin' you fall on your face.  Any dream worth havin' is a dream worth believin'.  Look inside yourself for what the dreamweaver's weavin'.  One step at a time.  Keep your head held high.  Don't you look back and don't you never ever ever say die."  How many times have people, even if only by accident, trampled on your dreams making them seem even further from becoming reality.  Mike & Sammy both believe that if you hold tight enough to your dream, never letting go, your dream can come true.  For some dreams, it may take a while but who knows, it could happen over night.

Mike wrote this song in the Willow Street studio especially for his "Texas in the Man" album.  Once the demo was completed, Mike placed it on his MySpace Music page to get some feedback from the public.  The song was very well received and the full-on production was completed.  Mike is one of those people who was told that there were things he couldn't do.  But he never let that stop him from doing anything that he felt passionate about doing.  He hopes that those people who hear this song will fight the same good fight in making their own dreams come true.

Lead Vocals: Mike Parrish
Background Vocals: Sammy Hundley
Keyboards: Sammy Hundley
Bass, Acoustic Rhythm, Electric Rhythm & Lead Guitars; Sammy Hundley
Drums: Alan Dossett
Mixed & Mastered by Kyle W. Smith

©2007 Willow Street Entertainment Group L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.

Mike Parrish
Mike Parrish (ASCAP)
Hangin' Boot Records 2007
Song of the Year Honorable Mention Winner
February 2007
Never Say Die
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