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Just a real good feel good song.  The Everly & Righteous Brothers meet the Allman Brothers and Marshall Tucker in a Mike Parrish tune.

"Sunny Day" brings back some of the feelings that we used to feel when listening to some of the bands of the 1950's and 1960's era.  It's clean and wholesome but you can still hear a clear and distinct southern rock / Texas country sound

This song was a load of fun to record and often had Mike & Sammy in stitches especially when Mike dreamed up the "oo wah hoo" line.  Mike recorded that particular part of the vocals alone and when he was done he played it for the family thinking they'd quickly tell him that the "oo wah hoo" line would have to go.  But they didn't.  A few days later, Mike played the song for Sammy and as soon as Sammy heard the "oo wah hoo" he turned to Mike and said, "NO!"  Well, Mike just laughed because Sammy's reaction to the line was just hilarious and, of course, it didn't matter to Mike if the "oo wah hoo" line stayed or got cut.  A week later, Sammy was burning all the tracks to a DVD, getting them ready for Kyle Smith who would be doing the mixing and mastering, when Mike noticed that the "oo wah hoo" line was still a part of the "Sunny Day" vocals.  When Mike asked Sammy about that, well, Sammy just smiled and said that he wanted to let Kyle hear it and see what he thought about it.  Sammy told Mike that he felt that the "oo wah hoo" line kinda grew on you and he'd hate to see it cut until they could at least hear it mixed correctly.

As it turns out, the "oo wah hoo" line became a permanent fixture in the tune with the band flipping quarters on who was gonna have to perform it!

So "Sunny Day" retained the fun factor with swimmin' holes and the Dairy Queen too.  Mike hopes you enjoy listening to the tune as much as he enjoyed recording it.  This song is sure to leave you with a sort of happy-go-lucky feeling inside!

Lead Vocals: Mike Parrish
Background Vocals: Mike Parrish & Sammy Hundley
Bass, Acoustic Rhythm, Electric Rhythm & Lead Guitars; Sammy Hundley
Drums: Alan Dossett
Mixed & Mastered by Kyle W. Smith

©2007 Willow Street Entertainment Group L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.

Mike Parrish (ASCAP)
Sunny Day
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02/08/2008 - Norway National Top 40 "Sunny Day" is #35
European Country Music Association

GarageBand Track of the Day in Country Oct 6 2007

GarageBand Best Male Vocals in Country, week of Oct 1 2007

GarageBand Best Guitars in Country, week of Oct 1 2007

GarageBand Best Drums in Country, week of Oct 1 2007

GarageBand Best Beat in Country, week of Oct 1 2007

GarageBand Best Beat in Country, week of Oct 15 2007

GarageBand Best Feel Good Track in Country, week of Oct 1 2007
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