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"Texas When I Die (Part ll)" is, of course, a tribute to Tanya Tucker's smash hit "Texas (When I Die)."  In fact, Miss Tucker is mentioned in the chorus.  There have been so many influences on Mike's music so it's impossible to list them all here.  If you check out the music that's in Mike's personal music collection, you might have just a taste of all the great songwriters and entertainers, from all genres, who've influenced him in one way or another.  Mike will be the first to tell you that he often compliments his music with a reminder of another great performer but emphasizes that country music doesn't pay enough tribute to the many great female entertainers . . . and there are so many.

Mike wrote the first version of this song when he was about 17 years old.  He's always had a great love for Texas and Texas lifestyles so that love is evident in his writing.  When Mike and Sammy went into the Willow Street studio with this tune, Mike had a lot of ideas on how to properly bring this song to life after lying dormant for well over 20 years on yellowing notebook paper.

The intro sometimes throws people off because it was done in the style of the Sons of the Pioneers then moves on to a spot where there's only Mike and his guitar.  Just when you think this single-guitar sound is going to be the highlight of this tune, well, think again because that's when Alan Dossett kicks in with a southern rock style drum and Mike turns into a rodeo emcee.  Sammy isn't far behind in waking this tune up as it rocks right in to a ripping two-stepper.

In the style of the Allman Brothers or the Marshall Tucker Band, "Texas When I Die (Part II) writes new rules on the way that a Texas two-step tune can be done. In the first verse you'll hear the Jerry Lee Lewis influence, with Sammy's butt-kickin' piano riff and in the second verse you'll be reminded of Chuck Berry with a guitar riff that comes straight out of Johnny B. Goode.  There's even a drum solo accompanying Mike's hand-clapping vocal solo that's ure to get any crowd on its feet and onto the floor.  It's an exciting tune about Texas pride, livestock shows, rodeos, country music, good times, Texas skies, rock & roll, Texans, the Texas flag, the stars and stripes, Texas women and their jeans as well as the great and talented
Miss Tanya Tucker.

Lead Vocals: Mike Parrish
Background Vocals: Mike Parrish; Sammy Hundley
Keyboards: Sammy Hundley
Acoustic Rhythm Guitars: Mike Parrish; Sammy Hundley
Bass, Electric Lead Guitars; Sammy Hundley
Drums: Alan Dossett
Mixed & Mastered by Kyle W. Smith

©2007 Willow Street Entertainment Group L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.

Mike Parrish (ASCAP)
Texas When I Die (Part II)